Hello World!?

June 2016

A Rebirth?

Whatever it is, don’t call it a comeback.

My personal site for the longest time has strictly been informational – a one pager. And in the past I have tried my hand at blogging, nothing really ever stuck around.

What will you see / find on my current blog? Truthfully – likely garbage.

Things I find interesting, funny, thought provoking, etc. It could range from Jiu Jitsu specific stuff, to random ramblings / commentary and cool ‘web stuff’, to funny gifs – it may be updated sporadically, or not at all.

At this point, I am envisioning something longer form than Twitter (which, hey I am on) and a little more wordy than Instagram (find that here). I likely won’t have comments open, because I don’t think I will get a lot of comments.

Have any questions? Social media is above. Contact me here – oh and LinkedIn, incase you feel the need to have one like me. I login like once a month, just an FYI.